Medical coding & billing tools. Data sets for ICD-10-CM, ICD-10-PCS, HCPCS, CPT®, DRG, APC, UB04

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Currently Offered APIs

HCC Calculator (Docs)

MS-DRG Grouper (Docs)

HomeHealth PDGM Calculator

NCCI Edits Validator

ICD-10-CM Validator

Setup Fee


$1,000 to begin
+ $1,000 upon completion

Waived with a 3 year contract.

Minimum Price / Agreement


APIs require signing at minimum a 1 year license agreement. Some APIs may have additional requirements.

Usage Fee:

Price is based on the number of calls (subject to minimum). A "Call" is defined as per result returned (e.g., patient score). The monthly call rate is tiered as follows:

# CallsCost Per Call
0-25,00010 cents
25,001-50,0009 cents
50,001-250,0007 cents
250,001+5 cents

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